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Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson & Gary, P.L.L.C

(772) 283-8260

221 E. Osceola St, Stuart, FL 34994

The Porter Law Firm

(888) 258-2448

5033 Se Federal Highway, Stuart, FL 34997

Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates

(772) 286-8605

1330 Se Federal Hwy, Stuart, FL 34994

Law Office of Frank DiGiacomo, Esq.

(772) 287-0609

569 Se Palm Beach Rd, Stuart, FL 34994

The Lewis Law Group, P.A.

(772) 286-7861

1115 Se Ocean Boulevard, Stuart, FL 34996

What is my Stuart lawyer going to do first to resolve my case?

After you sign with an attorney, they will begin gathering the official documentation about your accident ––police reports, sworn statements, and so forth. Then, after verifying all the important facts of your accident, they will file a demand letter with the insurance company.

This document will sum up what happened in the crash, and state the amount you are asking for in financial relief.

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What does the entire process with my Stuart lawyer look like?

If you’re totally unsure of what happens between hiring a car accident lawyer and resolving the case, you’re not alone. This is NOT an intuitive or obvious process, and unless you’ve gone through it before (which you probably haven’t) you’re going to have some questions.

Here is a solid overview of what to expect:

You hire an attorney in your local area.

Before you sign any paperwork, you can have a free consultation with the lawyer you are considering. This way, you can get a better sense of whether this is the lawyer to go with, as well as how they operate.

This free consultation also gives the lawyer a chance to start asking you about your car accident. They’ll want to know where it took place, what type of damage you suffered, how many cars were involved, and similar types of information including who your car insurance company is.

The lawyer will also spell out the details of their service offering and how they charge.

What to expect at this phase of the process:

  • Being presented with a medical release form to sign
  • A high-level discussion of all your legal options for resolving the case
  • The chance to ask any questions of your own that you need answered in order to move forward…
The attorney gathers the rest of the accident information

After you sign a contract with your Stuart attorney, they’ll launch the rest of their discovery process to gather all the relevant case information. At this point, you can sit back and let them reach out to police, hospitals, insurance companies, and other parties with information or testimony about your car accident. This will become the basis for demanding a settlement from the insurance company later on.

What to expect at this phase of the process:

  • Giving the attorney a reasonable amount of time to gather all of the information about your accident
  • Replying in a timely manner to any questions the attorney has for you during the discovery process
  • Giving honest and accurate answers to these same questions (dishonest answers in a car accident case can cost you your entire settlement)
The two of you decide whether to settle or file suit

With all of the information having been gathered, it’s decision time: will your attorney simply demand a cash settlement, or will you file a full lawsuit and push for even more money? The answer will depend entirely on the details of your case, and your Stuart attorney will weigh in with their legal opinion of what makes the most sense.

What to expect at this phase of the process:

  • A candid discussion of how high your chances of winning a trial actually are
  • A thorough accounting of how much it will cost to file a lawsuit against the insurer
  • A realistic assessment of how much more you could win at trial as opposed to simply settling the case now

How much do Stuart car accident attorneys charge?

Unlike other service providers that charge flat up-front fees (such as plumbers or accountants) car accident lawyers bill with what’s known as a contingency model. In other words: they will take on your case without any money changing hands initially. And they’ll take a percentage of your settlement check, once they successfully negotiate it from the insurance company.

It can be a hassle researching and choosing a solid car accident lawyer, so we’ve provided a list for you to consider below.

How do I pay for treatment if I don’t have health insurance coverage?

Don’t worry: while this is not an ideal situation to be in, there are solid and proven options for paying for medical bills even if you don’t have health insurance.

Option 2
Your State’s Medicaid Program

Medicaid is a federally-funded program –– operated at the state level –– that pays for medical treatment of citizens that do not have private health insurance of their own. Your state’s Medicaid office can tell you if you qualify. And if you do, they can even generally pay for past medical bills that you’ve already accrued.

Option 2
A Medical Lien

If Medicaid is not a feasible option, you may be a candidate to get a medical lien, also known as a Letter Of Protection. In this scenario, you get a doctor or medical facility to treat you today in return for some specified percentage of your insurance settlement check once it comes in.

In fact, this arrangement can be used to access everyday spending money for bills if you are too injured to work for a significant period of time.

Any Stuart accident lawyer you choose should be able to set you up with a medical lien if you do not have sufficient health insurance coverage to pay your medical bills.