Specialized Capital Solutions For Legal And Medical Funders

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Our founders’ personal experiences in funding, as well as interactions with our software customers, brought to light some of the acute capital challenges facing the modern legal and medical funder. Due to the unique structure of litigation-backed assets and medical receivables, growing a funding business requires access to non-traditional capital sources with flexible investment holding periods. To power our industry forward, Mighty partnered with premier financial institutions to create Mighty Capital.

Mighty Capital offers two industry-tailored, highly flexible solutions from a non-competitive enterprise to meet the financial needs of growing businesses in the industry.

Mighty Cash Flow

Turn existing assets and ongoing monthly originations into immediate and predictable cash flow to invest in growth

Address Your Cashflow Needs

Mighty Capital will purchase a percentage of or all of your existing and new liens

Get Upfront Capital

We will provide upfront capital at time of purchase, which can be used to pay for operating expenses, manage risk, or invest in new originations, acquisitions, or expansions

You Retain Relationships

You will remain the servicer of all liens purchased by Mighty Capital and retain all attorney, provider, and broker relationships

Mighty Financing

Access stable and committed investment capital through a variety of loan facility options to increase your funding reach

Financing Solutions

Mighty Capital offers credit-based financing solutions to help you fund new originations

Fits Your Needs

Financing structures are custom-fit to meet your business needs and based on a variety of factors including historical performance

Our Approach

Fast Decisions

Mighty’s in-house finance team has developed a transparent and efficient evaluation process in order to provide funders with term sheets in weeks, not months.

Flexible Financing

Mighty finances nearly all funder sizes, case types, and geographic markets. We offer terms and solutions tailored to your specific situation, needs, and the stage of your business.

Never Competitive

Mighty is a software and finance provider to legal and medical funding companies, not an originator. We require and empower funders to maintain complete control of their relationships.