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Sharing your bills and records with lawyers. Simplified.

Keep up with your practice's growth by giving law firms a single portal to download bills and records for the cases they have with you. No more emails, faxes, mail, and phone calls.

Your Own Portal

Share your patients' bills and records with lawyers through a secure online portal, today.

HIPAA Compliant Document Sharing

Provide law firms easy access to your bills and records in one organized place—all HIPAA compliant and secure.

Documents Available 24/7

Lawyers and case managers can log into your portal to download documents any day or night, whenever is convenient for them, without contacting you.

Link from Your Website

The only web address anyone needs to know is yours - link to the portal from your website.

Why Mighty?

Easy to Use

Designed for ease of use by anyone at a medical practice, law firm, or funder. No training needed.

Designed for Personal Injury

Built from the ground up for personal injury with the help of providers, case managers, paralegals, billing and records personnel, and attorneys.


Since 2018, used by thousands of providers, law firms, and funders who have shared 900,000 documents for 500,000 cases.

How it Works

Add Cases and Documents

Upload cases, law firm contacts, and relevant bills and records.

Law Firms View and Download

Your law firm contacts receive a free account invitation and can view case details and download documents.

Track Everything

You can see who opened and downloaded each document while seamlessly tracking all of the cases with each law firm.

Benefits from Having a Portal

Less Headaches

Stop getting bombarded with emails and calls by attorneys looking for bills and records at all hours. Keep them updated in one portal, 24/7.

Focus on What Matters

Instead of spending your time on faxes, emails, and certified mail, focus instead on the patients and their treatment.

Grow Your Business

With a best-in-class portal, you can grow more quickly without needing to hire as many people. And we’re hearing that more and more lawyers are asking providers to get a portal so they can save time, too.

“Mighty makes sharing medical records so much easier, and our law firms love it too. Law firms don’t call us anymore asking for the same documents multiple times, which saves everyone time.”

Gabi Rojas
ChiroCare of Florida (Medical Provider)
Miami, FL

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