The Future of Personal Injury Receivable Management

Maximize your financial interests in PI cases with industry-specialized technology and services
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Close to $1 billion in liens hosted on our software platform

The leading core software system for businesses that have a financial interest in personal injury based receivables, including: legal funders, medical funders, medical providers, and other lienholders


Tailor-made to manage the entire PI workflow including agreements, bills & payoffs; reporting and analytics; case servicing; and more

Lienholders Big and Small

An out of the box system for business that manage a few personal injury liens to large companies that manage thousands

Custom Configurations

Custom configurations for pre-settlement plaintiff funding, medical lien purchasing, and medical receivable management (or any combination thereof)

Flexible capital solutions built for businesses with PI receivables

Industry Experts

Mighty’s founders previously operated legal funding companies and are recognized as industry leaders. We deeply understand the unique challenges facing originators and offer specialized liquidity and financing solutions.

Fast Decisions

Mighty’s in-house finance team has developed a transparent, efficient evaluation process in order to provide businesses with term sheets in days, not months.


Mighty finances nearly all receivable sizes, case types, and geographic markets. We offer terms and solutions tailored to your specific situation, needs, and the stage of your business.

Committed Capital

Mighty and our financial partners have a long-term view on litigation-backed assets. Our fund is fully committed, giving businesses continuous access to the capital markets.

We are Mighty dedicated to your success

Expert implementation and team trainings

Fast, easy data migration done by us

World class support to keep your team in stride