Uneasy About
Billboard Lawyers?

Meet Mighty, the new personal injury service that helps you with legal representation, healthcare, and any other help you need after an accident, from people who truly care.

Support for Anything Life Throws at You

Mighty is a complete personal injury solution, giving people everything they need to quickly get their lives back on track after an injury.

Mighty Law Lawyers to Get Your Case Settled
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Physical & Mental Health Care
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Money to Cover Upfront Costs
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A Helping Hand for Everything Else
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Why We Exist

We've redesigned the recovery process to make it work the way it should. We go beyond just legal representation to help with coordinating medical care, financial support, and more. We've redesigned our business incentives to put clients first. We're transparent about what is happening and why at every step of a case. And most importantly, we never lose sight of why we're here: to help people who've been hurt in an accident get to a new normal.

3 Things

Mighty Does Differently

Not Just Legal Help

Mighty goes beyond the basic legal services offered by typical billboard lawyers to help you find money to pay rent, file property damage claims for your vehicle, and more.

Lower Fees, Less Worry

Mighty Law lawyers charge rates 10% lower than the industry standard and don’t have salesman-like settlement quotas, reducing their incentive to put their well-being ahead of yours.

Nothing But the Truth

Mighty Law lawyers follow a Code of Conduct that outlines 13 best practices to challenge billboard lawyers bad behavior and align Mighty Law lawyers' incentives with their clients.

Lower, Fairer Pricing

You'll only pay our (lower) fee if you win your case. It's maybe the only thing we've borrowed (and bettered) from billboard lawyers.

Lower Legal Fees Than Industry Standard
Back on Medical Costs
Back on Other Expenses
Billboard Lawyers

You Receive

What ends up in your pocket in this example


In this $22,500 case example, you get $1,299 more with Mighty. Here's How:

Total Settlement

The total sum an insurance company pays in this example

Medical Costs

What your medical providers are paid out of your total settlement for your treatment

Other Expenses

Expenses directly tied to your personal injury case, like filing fees

Legal Fees

What your lawyer receives in a case without a lawsuit


30% of settlement
before discounts

10% less

33.33% of settlement

10% Back on Medical Costs

With Mighty, you’ll get 10% back on your medical costs, excluding treatment covered by worker’s compensation and health insurance

10% Back
10% Back on Other Expenses

With Mighty, you’ll get 10% back on case expenses

10% Back

Just the Facts


"I've won clients millions!"


75% of cases settle for under $30,000.


"I'll crush them in court!"


96% of lawsuits settle with no trial.


"I'll get you justice fast!"


Average case takes 1.5 years to settle.