Medical Funding Operating System

From purchases to payments, the #1 system for companies that buy medical invoices and factor receivables backed by PI cases

Efficiently process and manage purchases

Never let an invoice slip through the cracks with follow-ups and the Claim Processing Dashboard

Schedule and track patient treatments

Select from over 9,000 pre-loaded CPT codes or add your own

Quick and easy data entry to help you spend less time processing claims

Automated Communications

Save time with integrated texting, email, and fax

Send custom, editable emails and faxes directly from Mighty

Save custom email and fax templates

Send and receive SMS text messages from Mighty

Create and save text message templates

Seamless handoffs and clear accountability

Assign team members to cases when it’s their turn to take an action

Receive notifications in your email inbox when assigned as a case owner or @mentioned

Keep every case file organized in the automated activity feed

Generate and securely store key documents

Create branded, accurate itemized bill summaries automatically

Save custom templates and generate documents pre-filled with system data

Drag-and-drop to quickly upload multiple documents in seconds

Cloud-based storage of your documents at the case and bill levels

Generate HCFA forms with one click

Minimize losses and maximize collections

Create your own flexible workflows on the Case Servicing Dashboard

Generate custom update letters for firms, attorneys, or paralegals in one click

Add case statuses, tags, and follow-up reminders and never miss an update

Log return data to analyze losses, reductions, and more

Reporting made easy

Quickly see your most important stats and totals at a glance

Easily create and save reports at the case, funding, or application level

Analyze your marketing channels to focus on the right deal flow

Back the best attorneys and firms by measuring their performance

Export reports to excel to manipulate or send offline

Drive performance with AI and analytics

Make better, faster funding decisions with Underwriting AI

Track key metrics and visualize your performance over time

Measure attorney and firm performance using scorecards and analytics

Built to fit you like a glove

Move in with your old data cleaned and migrated by us

Give your team members roles and permissions to keep them in their lanes

Add custom data fields to capture data critical to your business

Build custom reports and workflows based on your processes and needs

Brand your Mighty system and your documents with your logo

See how we're dedicated to your success with our Implementation and Support

65+ PI lienholders trust Mighty to power their businesses


Applications and claims processed on Mighty each year


Emails and text messages sent from Mighty each year


100% of customers rate Mighty an 8 out of 10 or higher

Customer Experiences

Jennifer Bello

VP Marketing & Operations - Lawsuit Financial Corp

"Our office has become way more efficient. Mighty cut our application processing time in half."

Skylar Coone

Owner - Titan Financial

"The reports are huge for us. To be able to automatically and easily run the reports gives my investors more confidence. The time that saves me alone is worth every penny."

Brian Simon

President - Thrivest Legal Funding

"We couldn’t be happier with our decision to use Mighty. The software accomplishes everything we need, and the industry-specific features allow us to do things Salesforce never could."

Timandra Gary

Head of Operations - Amicus Legal and Medical Funding

"Moving all our people, workflows, and data into a new system seemed daunting. Greg and the Mighty team were clear communicators, kept the project organized and on time, and made everything easy."

Mighty Capital

Specialized capital solutions for legal and medical funders

Our founders’ personal experiences in funding, as well as interactions with our software customers, brought to light some of the acute capital challenges facing the modern legal and medical funder. Due to the unique structure of litigation-backed assets and medical receivables, growing a funding business requires access to non-traditional capital sources with flexible investment holding periods. To power our industry forward, Mighty partnered with premier financial institutions to create Mighty Capital.

Mighty Capital offers two industry-tailored, highly flexible solutions from a non-competitive enterprise to meet the financial needs of growing businesses in the industry.

Mighty Cash Flow

Turn existing assets and ongoing monthly originations into immediate and predictable cash flow to invest in growth

Mighty Capital will purchase a percentage of or all of your existing and new liens

We will provide upfront capital at time of purchase, which can be used to pay for operating expenses, manage risk, or invest in new originations, acquisitions, or expansions

You will remain the servicer of all liens purchased by Mighty Capital and retain all attorney, provider, and broker relationships

Mighty Financing

Access stable and committed investment capital through a variety of loan facility options to increase your funding reach

Mighty Capital offers credit-based financing solutions to help you fund new originations

Financing structures are custom-fit to meet your business needs and based on a variety of factors including historical performance

Our Approach

Mighty Capital partners with both new and established legal and medical funders seeking the means to grow

Fast Decisions

Mighty’s in-house finance team has developed a transparent, efficient evaluation process in order to provide funders with term sheets in weeks, not months.


Mighty finances nearly all funder sizes, case types, and geographic markets. We offer terms and solutions tailored to your specific situation, needs, and the stage of your business.

Never Competitive

Mighty is a software and finance provider to legal and medical funding companies, not an originator. We require and empower funders to maintain complete control of their relationships.

Learn why both new and top PI lienholders choose Mighty to power their businesses