Were you in a truck accident in TX? Take control with truck accident attorneys that care.

You didn't plan for a truck accident. But with support from a Mighty team of Texas truck accident lawyers, you can make plans for the future.

Truck accidents happen everywhere. But according to the Dallas Legal Examiner, Texas has led the nation in the number of fatal truck crashes since 2017. No matter the scope of your specific truck crash, a collision with a commercial vehicle is serious—and you can benefit from serious help.

While truck accidents may result in large expenses, truck accident injuries, and emotional fallout, you don't have to navigate the aftermath alone. A caring team of experienced lawyers and case managers can take the complicated processes off your plate and put you in the best position for a smooth, stable future.

Ready to log the first miles in your recovery? Your legal team from Mighty Law is along for the entire ride. From day one, we're committed to getting to know you and your truck wreck claim, providing expert legal advice for 10% less than the industry standard. And, only pay if you win your case.

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What should I do if I get in a truck accident in TX?

If you've been involved in a commercial truck accident, it's most important that you focus on your health and safety first and foremost. Commercial truck collisions often require serious medical attention, so call law enforcement and emergency services immediately.

When the police arrive, they will create an official police report for the truck wreck, which can be valuable evidence for your Texas truck accident lawyer. If you can, collect detailed photographic evidence and record any special circumstances, including roadwork, confusing signs, and more.

Is Texas a no-fault state for semi truck accidents?

Texas is an at-fault state for automobile accidents. Following the crash, your Texas truck accident lawyer can help you file a truck accident case to determine which semi truck driver is held responsible. The liable party is then required to pay for all damages, including medical expenses, property damage, punitive damage, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Who pays for medical treatment in Texas after an accident before I settle?

It's usually a good idea to try and pay for medical care after an accident with health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, or other insurance you have. If you don't have insurance or have problems using them following your truck accident, thousands of doctors in Texas accept a letter of protection, otherwise known as a LOP. A LOP is a way for doctors to provide medical treatment right after your case but only get paid from your ultimate settlement.

What is the average settlement for a commercial truck accident in Texas?

Unfortunately, there's no state-wide average amount for Texas truck accidents. Because of the wide range of trucking accident settlements—from the tens of thousands to the millions—it's difficult to land on one dependable figure. Even if there was an average, we know it's tough to put a number on your recovery. An experienced Texas truck accident attorney will take a deep look at your life, your truck accident case, and your overall well-being to help you determine what's fair.

Is hiring a truck accident lawyer in Texas necessary?

No, it is not mandatory to hire a Texas truck accident attorney. However, large truck accidents often result in serious truck accident injuries and property damage, so it's helpful to leave the details to an experienced lawyer while you recover. Because trucking companies also hire top-tier legal representation, you'll have the best chance at fair compensation with expert legal help on your side. If you're wondering where to find representation, turn to Mighty Law. Our team comprises some of the most experienced truck accident lawyers Texas has.

How much does a truck accident lawyer in Texas cost through Mighty Law?

Because we want to ease your financial recovery—and never complicate it—we work on a contingency basis. In other words, you'll only pay us if you win. Our TX truck accident lawyers cap fees at 36% for cases requiring lawsuits and 30% for cases with just settlements, which is 10% lower than the industry average. That means you'll enjoy higher standards at lower rates.

What does the process of working with Mighty Law look like?

When you're ready to work with Mighty Law to launch your recovery, you'll sign a retainer agreement that lays out the terms of the engagement and gives you 60 days to change your mind. As part of the retainer agreement, we'll agree to never charge you unless you win your case.

Your Mighty Law legal team will then assemble a claim and engage in various rounds of negotiations with the insurance company. We'll investigate everything from your photo evidence and specific trucking accident report to truck safety guidelines and road conditions, building up your case from all angles. We'll build up your life from all angles, too—helping you plan your medical treatment, take on vehicle repairs, and reach peace of mind.

How long will it take to investigate a truck accident claim in TX?

The national average for car accident claims is 1.5 years, but the length of your specific truck accident case will vary. Expect to dedicate a few months of time to filing the 18-wheeler accident lawsuit and navigating the negotiation process. When you hire our expert legal team, we'll get to work right away and file your truck accident claim within sixty days.

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