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Our dedicated legal team provides invaluable support in navigating the aftermath of a truck accident.

According to the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety, Chatham County reported a total of 451 crashes involving large trucks in 2020. Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial vehicle collision can be a daunting process, but you do not have to drive this road alone.

A team of dedicated lawyers and case managers can take on the challenge for you and guide you towards a more secure future. Mighty Law focuses on providing tailored legal advice to clients in Savannah, and we charge 10% less than the industry standard. Whats even better? You only pay if we win the case.

If you have been involved in a Savannah truck accident, it is essential to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. An experienced Savannah truck accident attorney can help you navigate the legal system and negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for any damages, injuries, or losses resulting from the accident.

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What should I do if I get in a truck accident in Savannah?

In the event of a commercial truck accident in Savannah, your primary concern should always be for your own health and safety. It's important to contact the police and any other emergency services required in order to provide proper medical care if necessary.

If possible, take pictures of the scene of the accident, and document any details, such as construction work or unclear signage. This will serve as valuable evidence should a lawsuit become necessary.

Is Savannah a no-fault city for truck accidents?

No, the state of Georgia follows an at-fault policy. Should you find yourself involved in a truck accident in Savannah, it is best to contact an experienced lawyer in order to establish who is liable for the costs resulting from the incident, such as medical expenses, damage to property, punitive expenses, and any physical and emotional suffering experienced. This party will also be held accountable for any loss of wages due to the accident.

What is the average settlement for a truck accident in Savannah?

It is impossible to provide a standard or average settlement figure for trucking accidents in Savannah due to the wide range of possible factors involved. For the most accurate settlement amount, it is best to seek legal advice from a truck accident lawyer in Savannah. An experienced truck accident attorney will assess the specifics of your case and make sure you receive a fair settlement.

Is hiring a truck accident lawyer in Savannah necessary?

The need to hire a lawyer following a minor accident in Savannah will depend on the situation. Generally, there is no need to hire legal representation for minor accidents, though it still may be helpful. This is particularly true if the incident caused property damage, injury, or if it may have legal repercussions. Having a Savannah truck accident lawyer look over any contracts related to the accident and provide legal advice regarding potential remedies or defenses may also be beneficial. Additionally, lawyers can be of assistance when dealing with insurance companies. In cases involving a more serious accident that may involve a court case, consulting with a lawyer is essential.

How much does a Savannah truck accident lawyer cost through Mighty?

At Mighty Law, we are aware of the financial burden that comes with an accident. Because of this, we operate on a contingency basis for our services. This means that you will only pay us if your case is successful. Furthermore, our fees for cases requiring legal action are 10% lower than the industry standard, allowing you to get quality services without incurring a large cost.

What does the Mighty Law process look like?

Initially, we will draft a retainer agreement detailing the terms of our agreement, including a 60-day period during which you can opt out of the agreement without penalty. Throughout the entire process, you will not be charged unless we win your case.

Your dedicated Savannah truck accident attorney at Mighty Law will assemble your case, which will involve gathering photographs of the accident, looking into safety rules and conditions of the road, and covering all the other details to make a strong case. Our ultimate goal is to help you restore all aspects of your life, including medical treatments and repair of the damaged vehicle.

How long will it take to investigate a claim in Savannah?

Typically, truck accident cases take up to a year and a half to be resolved, although many can be closed more quickly than that. We promise to file your case within 60 days, and the entire process typically takes a few months from start to finish.

Who is responsible for covering medical bills resulting from a truck accident in Savannah?

It is advisable to pay for any medical expenses using your health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare following a truck accident. If you don't have any of these, you may be able to use a Letter of Protection (LOP). Doctors who agree to accept an LOP are only paid when your case is successfully resolved.

Truck Accident Lawyers in Georgia

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Michael G. Hostilo, LLC

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The Eichholz Law Firm, P.C.

(912) 335-4580

319 Eisenhower Drive, Savannah, GA 31406

Roden Law

(912) 303-5850

333 Commercial Dr., Savannah, GA 31406

Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys

(912) 355-1500

480 Mall Blvd, Savannah, GA 31406

Owens & Mulherin Injury Lawyers

(912) 212-2100

800 Commercial Court, Savannah, GA 31416


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