Auto faxing, @mention notifications, even smarter AI - new June features

July 6, 2017

This month, legal funders on Mighty received major communication and workflow upgrades.

If you like auto emailing, you'll love auto faxing. You can now fax your document templates, payoffs, and all other paperwork directly from the Mighty system.

Underwriter AI is even smarter with statute of limitations to help your team better underwrite applications, plan case servicing, and avoid losses.

For the Twitter fans reading this, you can now @mention your colleagues in the Activity Feed for improved team collaboration and workflow. Need your underwriter Rex Powers to check out a case? Just write, "@rexpowers please review ASAP, high value case," and he will immediately receive an email notification.  

Medical Funding Software

Throughout June we've continued to build a robust set of features within the Mighty platform to power funders who purchase medical receivables and fund individual procedures.

We have spots open for a couple more experienced medical funders to join our current group of design partners collaborating with advice and feedback as we work to complete the new product by Fall 2017. 

To learn more and see if you qualify to get fee reductions and product influence as a design partner, shoot me a reply.

Auto Faxing

  • Fax all documents - payoffs, document requests, lien statements, and any custom document template you can dream up can be sent via e-fax

  • Notifications - if you accidentally input the incorrect fax number, you will receive an email notification alerting you

Statute of Limitations AI

  • "Smart" statute of limitations - based on the state and case-type, the statute of limitations is automatically added to your case page

  • Expiration date - when you add "date of loss" to the case, the date the statute of limitations expires on automatically is populated

  • [Reminder] MVA insights - per person liability limit, per accident liability limit, comparative negligence (%), UM or UM/UIM requirements and details, insurance stacking, and PiP info are all included in Mighty's Underwriter AI

@mentions and Notifications

  • @mentions - mention your team members in case notes when you need them to take an action by using the "@" mentioning feature

  • Email notifications - when you mention someone, they receive an email notification with a link to the case they were tagged

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