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Car accidents often result in unfair settlement offers, high medical bills, and consistent back-and-forth negotiations. But by hiring a Indiana car accident lawyer from our network of legal professionals, you can take away your stress and uncertainty, replacing them with newfound, and often unprecedented, confidence in the process (and in your representation).

Mighty Law's network of experienced Indiana car accident lawyers provides top-tier legal help transparently and promptly. Your Mighty representatives keep you in the driver's seat through the entire process, from an initial medical treatment plan to a final maximized settlement that serves your interests. And in most cases we do this for 10% less in fees than the industry standard.

Heal worry-free with Mighty on your side.

Most Common Car Accident Injuries

  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Scrapes and cuts
  • Head injuries
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Arm and leg injuries
  • Broken bones


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Why Choose Mighty?

Our Mighty Law network is your ultimate safety net. Attorneys in our network offer legal representation for Indiana car accidents, putting your interests front and center. Enjoy flexible options with our 60-day no-strings-attached policy, 10% legal fee reimbursement, and personalized case support.


Hiring a PI Lawyer
— 2 min read
How do I Know if I Should Pursue a Personal Injury Case?

In order to pursue a personal injury settlement there must be another party responsible for the accident who is able to personally, or more commonly through insurance, provide compensation. You must also have suffered damages in the form of a physical injury or emotional trauma.

The Mighty Team

June 23, 2022

Expert Reviewed
Hiring a PI Lawyer
— 2 min read
What Should I Do After a Car Crash?

Accidents are, well, accidents. They can happen to anyone and at any time. But, what you do after an accident is in your control and can make your post-accident journey easier and better for you and your family.

The Mighty Team

June 23, 2022

Expert Reviewed
Recovery 101
— 2 min read
The Right (and Wrong) Reasons to Get Medical Treatment After An Accident

If you’re hurt in an accident, the most obvious course of action is to get medical treatment. But getting treatment after an accident has implications that go beyond just your physical health. People get pressure from their attorney to get treatment, even though their attorney may not disclose that often medical treatment from an accident isn’t covered by health insurance, and your legal settlement may depend on the treatment you get.

The Mighty Team

June 23, 2022

Expert Reviewed


What should I do if I get in a car accident in Indiana?

Your safety is the most important thing following a car accident. Check for injuries and request any necessary medical help. If you can, move your vehicle to the side of the road. It's also important to notify law enforcement. Stay at the scene of the crash until the police arrive to write an official accident report. They'll also facilitate an exchange of driver's license and insurance information. Collect any relevant photo evidence, witness statements, and road condition information before leaving.

What is the average settlement for a car accident in Indiana?

Unfortunately, it's difficult to provide an average settlement amount for Indiana. Settlement information is kept private between insurance companies and firms. Offers also vary greatly depending on the specifics of each case, so averages are not representative of your unique claim.

What we can say is that when you work with Mighty Law's network, your lawyer will work to earn you a fair settlement. Our expert attorneys take into consideration medical expenses, the severity of injuries, and lost wages, among other factors.

Is hiring a car accident lawyer in Indiana necessary?

Hiring a Indiana car accident lawyer is a personal decision, but it's common to seek professional legal help following such incidents. A car accident attorney can build a strong case on your behalf, advise you on industry-standard amounts for settlement offers, and manage the required paperwork during the process. You'll be able to devote more resources and time to your recovery.

How much does a Indiana car accident attorney cost through Mighty's referral network?

When you work with a lawyer from our network, you'll only pay if you receive a payout. For cases that proceed directly to a settlement, our in-network lawyers charge a pre-suit fee of 33% of the final settlement amount. Cases requiring a lawsuit typically have a slightly higher post-suit fee of 40%.

We're interested in supporting your whole healing process—and nothing less—so we also offer in most cases 10% back on your legal fee.

What does the process of working with a car accident lawyer from Mighty Law's network look like?

Whether you find us online or through a referral, we like to get acquainted with an initial screening. A car accident attorney from our Mighty Law network will listen to the details of your case and decide how to proceed. If we can be of help, you'll then work closely with a case manager to collect documents including accident reports, insurance information, and medical receipts.

Once we have all your medical bills, our lawyers will assemble a claim and begin negotiations with the insurance company. Most cases settle, but if a satisfactory amount can't be reached, we may help you file a lawsuit.

How long will it take to investigate a car accident claim in Indiana?

The average personal injury claim in Indiana reaches settlement in 1.5 years, but your specific case will depend on the response time of the insurance company, the amount of available evidence, and the necessity of a lawsuit. You should expect at least several months of paperwork and negotiation. Some cases settle within a year while others may last over five years, though our goal is always to have an expeditious process.

What happens once my Indiana car accident case is settled?

Congratulations on closing your case! Once you've reached a settlement in Indiana, any outstanding fees—legal expenses, medical bills, loans, and more—will be deducted from the gross settlement. The rest is yours.

If you used a lawyer in our network, you'll also receive 10% back on your total fees at this point. In the spirit of celebrating our awesome Mighty clients, we want to provide you with the greatest number of options at the lowest cost.

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