Exploring Support Options for Car Accidents in Chicago

Understanding the implications of a Car Accident in Chicago can be complex. Mighty offers a wealth of resources to help you comprehend your situation.

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries and hospitalizations in Illinois. According to data from 2021, there was a total of 98,563 car accidents, resulting in 17,441 injuries (source). It's no secret that these accidents are traumatic and stressful events that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. There may be medical bills, loss of income, property damage, and many other challenges that can be difficult to manage. But, you don't have to do it alone.

The aftermath of a car accident can feel like one long uphill climb—filled with headaches, deadlines, and heartbreak. An experienced Chicago car accident lawyer can provide support, leveraging their strong knowledge of legal standards with a thorough understanding of your case so that you can move forward.

Our attorney directory includes a selection of car accident attorneys in your area, offering personalized service and expert legal representation to individuals who have been in a car accident. This allows you to focus on recovering while a professional handles the legal complexities.

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How do I Know if I Should Pursue a Personal Injury Case?

In order to pursue a personal injury settlement there must be another party responsible for the accident who is able to personally, or more commonly through insurance, provide compensation. You must also have suffered damages in the form of a physical injury or emotional trauma.

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What should I do if I get in a car accident in Chicago?

If you've been involved in a car accident in Chicago, it's important to remain on the scene until law enforcement shows up and to call for medical assistance if needed. The police will write a report when they arrive, which can be helpful for submitting a claim. Additionally, remember to take note of any useful information, such as pictures of the point of impact, the damaged vehicles, license plate details, street signs, and any eyewitness statements.

Is Chicago an at-fault city for car accidents?

Chicago follows Illinois' at-fault system regarding car accidents. This means that drivers who are responsible for the damages caused in an accident will be held liable for any and all damages that may have occurred. Damages may include medical expenses, injuries, loss of wages, and emotional distress.

What is the average settlement for a car accident in Chicago?

Settlements can vary on a number of factors, making it difficult to provide an average settlement for Chicago car accident cases. While 75% of personal injury cases settle for less than $30,000, some claims run into the millions, depending on the level of damage caused in the accident.

Is hiring a car accident lawyer in Chicago necessary?

If you've been involved in a car accident in Chicago, it's not legally required to hire an attorney to move forward with your case. However, seeking legal advice may be beneficial in settling any issues that may arise from the accident, like identifying the responsible party and managing the medical bills that stem from the incident. Our attorney directory includes a selection of car accident attorneys in your area.

How much does a Chicago car accident lawyer cost?

Many car accident lawyers in Chicago offer their services on a contingency basis, meaning that you may not have to pay unless you win your settlement. Rates can vary, so it's important to discuss fees with your chosen attorney to understand the cost of their services.

What does the process of working with a car accident lawyer look like?

Typically, when you decide to work with a car accident lawyer, you will start by providing them with details about your case. This may include filling out forms or having an initial consultation. They will likely request information and paperwork, such as a police report, insurance details, and medical bills. A legal strategy will be tailored to your situation, and your lawyer will begin to build your case and negotiate with insurers on your behalf.

How long will it take to investigate a claim in Chicago?

The amount of time it will take to reach a settlement in your case is determined by a number of factors, including discussions with your insurance provider and if you make a claim against the driver who was at fault. Generally, a personal injury can take around 1.5 years to settle.

Who pays for medical bills in a car accident in Chicago?

In the event of a car accident in Chicago, your or your insurance provider will be responsible for any immediate costs. Following legal proceedings and upon a successful settlement, the driver found at fault must pay for any punitive, property and economic losses that resulted from the accident.

Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago, Illinois

These attorneys practice personal injury law in Chicago, Illinois. They are not affiliated with Mighty or Mighty Law. Mighty Law may refer clients to outside law firms but neither Mighty or Mighty Law recommend specific attorneys.

Dworkin & Maciariello

(312) 857-7777

134 North Lasalle Street, Suite 650, Chicago, IL 60602

McCready Law

(773) 825-3547

10008 S. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60643

Costa Ivone, LLC

(708) 400-0000

311 N Aberdeen St #100B, Chicago, IL 60607

Dombrowski Sorenson And Gigac

(312) 943-7804

670 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60654

Karchmar & Stone

(312) 236-9744

111 West Washington Street, Suite #1030, Chicago, IL 60602


111 West Jackson Boulevard

Suite 1700

Chicago, IL 60604

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