Our network of lawyers will put you first after your truck accident in Ohio.

Frictionless legal, medical, and financial help after your truck accident.

In Ohio, truck accidents levy massive costs. Unfortunately, the effects of truck accidents often do not end at the scene. And while the losses and injuries may feel overwhelming, experienced, trustworthy legal representation can help you navigate the road ahead. With the proper support, you can make sense of the confounding personal injury industry, hold your own against the top-tier legal representation on the side of big trucking companies, and start working on what really matters—your future.

Mighty's network of truck accident lawyers helps you fight for your rights and focus on your recovery. Ohio truck accident attorneys combine an experienced personal injury team, holistic services, and decades of legal experience to maximize the compensation and care you receive. Your lawyers will build a strong case on the foundation of fairness—and in most cases your fee will be 10% lower than the industry standard.

Most Common Truck Accident Injuries

  • Skull injuries and head trauma
  • Chest and abdomen injuries
  • Spinal fractures
  • Broken bones


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What should I do if I get in a truck accident in Ohio?

First, check for injuries and receive the necessary medical care. Then, contact law enforcement so they can write an official truck accident report, which can be a valuable document when you're building your case with your personal injury attorney. Collect as much information as you can, including photographic evidence, witness statements, and the truck driver's information.

What is the settlement for a truck accident in Ohio that I should expect?

Ohio truck accident settlements vary greatly, so it would be disingenuous to give you a number you should expect. Your specific settlement will depend on factors including medical expenses, lasting injuries, who was at fault, and the policy limits of the vehicle that injured you. Because truck accidents are often serious, these settlements can reach the hundreds of thousands or the millions. Lawyers from our network will work with you to reach a fair settlement price.

Is hiring a truck accident lawyer in Ohio necessary?

While it is not mandatory to hire a Ohio truck accident lawyer, truck accidents can be serious and involve large companies (and large legal teams). By hiring professional legal help, you can make sure that you have an advocate in the aftermath of the crash—a truck accident lawyer who can help you discover what happened and what's the best path for moving forward.

How much does a truck accident lawyer in Ohio cost through Mighty's network?

Mighty Law's network of lawyers works on a contingency basis, so you only pay if you receive a payout. For truck accident cases that settle directly, you'll be charged a pre-suit fee of 33% of the final gross settlement or less. Cases involving a lawsuit have a post-suit fee of 40% or less. We're not here to make things harder, so in most cases if you are referred by a Mighty Law attorney your fee will be 10% lower than the industry average.

What does the process look like to get started filing my claim?

The process begins with an initial screening where we learn the basic facts of your case. If our network of Ohio truck accident attorneys can help, you'll be signed to a standard retainer agreement that dictates our relationship and the fees you'll pay us and your Ohio attorney. This includes language that makes it clear your attorneys only get paid if you win your case. After you're signed to a retainer, you'll be connected with a case manager to collect important documents, including insurance information, medical bills, and more.

Lawyers from our network will also help you create a treatment plan to follow during this time. Once they have the required documents, your lawyers will assemble your claim and negotiate with the insurance company. If your truck accident case does not reach a settlement, they may file a lawsuit on your behalf.

What happens once I am offered a settlement for my truck accident case?

If you're satisfied with the settlement amount, you'll sign a legal release and your case is resolved. Your lawyers take their fees out of the gross settlement and start the reimbursement process. Then you'll be rooted on as you keep on truckin'.

Truck Accident Lawyers in Ohio

These attorneys practice personal injury law in Ohio. They are not affiliated with Mighty or Mighty Law. Mighty Law may refer clients to outside law firms but neither Mighty or Mighty Law recommend specific attorneys.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick

(888) 905-4989

3412 W Market St., Akron, OH 44333

Kelly Law Offices

(800) 859-8800

5521 West Lincoln Highway, Suite 101, Toledo, OH 43607

Obral, Silk & Pal, LLC

(216) 342-9582

55 Public Square, Suite 1700, Cleveland, OH 44113

The Law Office of Anthony Gurvis

(614) 961-4022

830 W Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43222

O'Connor, Acciani & Levy

(877) 288-3241

600 Vine Street, Suite 1600, Cincinnati, OH 45202


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