Why Most Personal Injury Firms Won’t Help File Car Accident Property Damage Claims

June 23, 2022

The Mighty Team
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While physical injury and impacts to mental health as a result of an accident can cause lasting hardships, damage to one's vehicle can be devastating and cause immediate financial strain. People in the United States depend on cars; they provide a convenience that is simply unmatched by other modes of transport. According to the United States Bureau of Transportation, 91% of adults commute to work using personal vehicles. 

Since most Americans commute to their jobs using personal vehicles, having a car that is in proper running condition is an asset that is often taken for granted. Without a reliable vehicle, basic daily functions start to collapse. An unforeseen car accident can disrupt one's ability to get to work, seek proper medical treatment, and even bring their children to school. The inability to get to work can lead to increased financial pressure to settle a case prematurely in order to get back to work more quickly. Lack of transportation to seek proper medical treatment can also lower the value of your case and can jeopardize overall health and recovery.

Personal injury law firms generally only help recover money for bodily injury - and unfortunately that does not include the body of your car.  

The reason boils down to a personal injury lawyer’s incentive: the money they make. Traditional PI lawyers are not incentivized to help you repair your car. This is because the settlement you get at the end of your case, which your attorney gets his fee on, does not include damages to your car.
This means you either have to find one of the rare breeds of law firms that does help you - we know one :) - or try and navigate the insurance process yourself.  

At Mighty, we understand that being without a vehicle can be incredibly stressful, but we are here to help. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in doing the right thing and getting you back on the road and back to your normal routine. Where other Personal Injury firms may look to take the easy way out and simply avoid car repairs all together, Mighty and Mighty Law knows that these repairs are a major part in the healing process for our clients.

Mighty is using its data-driven, nerdy know-how to help people after an accident. Mighty Law lawyers charge lower rates and commit to a Code of Conduct that forbids behaviors typical among billboard injury attorneys, such as quid pro quos for referring people to their doctor friends. Plus, you can work with a Mighty Law lawyer at no cost for up to 60 days if no lawsuit or demand letter is filed.

Mighty is now helping people in Connecticut, Georgia, and Texas.

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