One portal. Many lienholders.
That’s Mighty.

Each firm has their own portal to view documents from and share status updates with multiple providers and other lienholders at once, decreasing the countless back and forth of emails and calls with lienholders.

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Mighty is free for law firms

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Mighty works with your Case Management System

Mighty is designed to work alongside your case management system, not to replace it. Mighty directly integrates or syncs with all major case management systems.

Save time and money by streamlining communication with lienholders.

Stop getting asked for case updates

Give case updates to all your lienholders the same way, with one click.

Documents at your fingertips

Download bills and records in one central place from multiple lienholders, often without even having to ask.

Don’t forget lienholders

See who has provided treatment and financing, helping ensure you aren’t surprised after settlement.

See What Law Firms Are Saying

“We are a busy plaintiff’s personal injury firm and were constantly dealing with the thousands of client liens on our cases. Mighty has dramatically reduced the phone calls, emails, and overall time my paralegal staff spends corresponding with lienholders. The staff loves it and the reaction from lienholders has been excellent. It’s a real win-win."

Arnie Baum
Subin Associates, LLP
New York, NY
Arnie Baum

“Mighty is an absolute time saver. Instead of having to contact each lienholder or provider individually, we can get important documents and update all interested parties at once to keep them abreast of a case.”

Geurin McGovern
Nick Schnyder Law Firm
Marietta, GA
Geurin McGovern

“Mighty is the answer to our prayers, especially as we see more of our providers signing on.”

Tonya Vots
Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C.
Atlanta, GA
Tonya Vots

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