Mighty Servicing

Professional servicing for medical providers and other personal injury lienholders on liens and LOP's

Mighty has servicing down to a science. Due to the long duration of personal injury assets and the difficulty of corresponding with attorneys, many PI lienholders -- medical providers, funders, attorneys -- struggle to collect on their receivables and lack transparency into the process.

By using Mighty, lienholders make sure they get paid in personal injury cases.

The Problem

Stakeholders in PI cases struggle to collect because:

Attorneys Forget to Pay

Inundated with dozens of cases, each with dozens of liens, attorneys lose track and forget to pay.

Plaintiffs Switch Attorneys

The new attorney may be completely unaware of outstanding bills and liens.

PI Receivables are Small

Following up on hundreds of small liens takes a lot of time and energy.

The Mighty Lien Servicing Solution

Mighty's professional servicing team manages your liens or LOP's from confirmation, tracking, to settlement.

Give us basic case information

We ensure that your financial interest is verified in each case you add to Mighty.

Get case updates every 90 days

We update your cases every three months. We even do it sooner if there are key events such as a change in attorney or a settlement.

Stay secure and compliant

View the status of your cases on our HIPAA-compliant portal