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Compared to traditional billboard lawyers, Mighty offers a lower-cost, all-around way to help people after an accident.

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Mighty Law lawyers follow a first-of-its-kind and strict Code of Conduct in order to provide a better, fairer, and less expensive service than billboard injury lawyers.

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3 Things

Mighty Does Differently

Not Just Legal Help

Mighty goes beyond the basic legal services offered by typical billboard lawyers to help you find money to pay rent, file property damage claims for your vehicle, and more.

Lower Fees, Less Worry

Mighty Law lawyers charge rates 10% lower than the industry standard and don’t have salesman-like settlement quotas, reducing their incentive to put their well-being ahead of yours.

Nothing But the Truth

We believe in alignment and transparency down to our bones. That’s why we’re blowing the whistle on bad behavior, disclosing our fees upfront, and telling the whole truth.

3 Things

Mighty Does Better

Pay If You Win Fee Structure

Personal injury lawyers are often paid on contingency, which is a percentage of a future settlement. It’s how Mighty Law lawyers are paid too, but at rates 10% lower than the industry standard.

Case Management

Case managers for typical billboard lawyers help you if it benefits their firm. Mighty case managers help you navigate the legal, medical, and financial challenges after an accident if it benefits you.

Medical Referrals

Your Mighty case manager will help connect you with local, quality medical care providers that don’t scratch our backs because we scratch theirs.

Lower, Fairer Fees

Mighty will not nickel-and-dime you with surprise costs for things like stamps, nor pass along the costs for things that are our responsibility, like record retrieval.

Billboard Lawyers

Pre-Suit Fee

The legal fee you pay at the end of your case if it doesn’t require a lawsuit or trial

Billboard Lawyers
30% or Less

Post-Suit Fee

The legal fee you pay at the end of your case if it does involve a lawsuit or trial.

Billboard Lawyers
36% or Less

Mighty Blog

Key Definitions to Know Before You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve watched TV or driven down a highway over the past 30 years, you’ve probably seen a commercial or billboard for a personal injury lawyer that promises “You’ll Only Pay if You Win.” They’re mostly telling you the truth. But they’re also leaving out important details about what winning means and how much you’ll get if you do.

Standard Personal Injury Fee Hovers Around 33.3%

The industry norm for contingency fees in personal injury law is around 33.3%. Mighty knows that higher fees mean less money for clients. This is why Mighty Law not only charges fees that are 10% below the industry standard.

Introducing A New Kind of Friends & Family Loan

At Mighty, we understand how powerful it is for people to have their community behind them, especially at such an important time as after an accident. Friends and family are most special in hard times, and for many people, there is no harder time than after an accident. 


How does Mighty differ from traditional law firms?

In (almost) every way. From lower pricing to doing more than just legal services to being transparent the whole way through. We have a whole page dedicated to showing you the difference which you can find here.

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How do Mighty Law's fees differ from standard personal injury law firms?

Simply stated, Mighty Law’s fees are lower than what a traditional personal injury firm charges which is 33-40% of your gross settlement as a fee. Mighty Law starts with a fee that is 10% lower.

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