What legal scholars say

"Litigation finance enhances social welfare."
Keith N. Hylton
Boston University School Of Law
"Large defendants and insurers have the money to take cases to the very end. Giving plaintiffs access to financing during their lawsuits can help level the playing field.  This will promote justice by producing settlements that reflect the merits of claims."
Charles Silver
University Of Texas School Of Law
"Litigation funding alters the relative power of players in the justice system: it provides access to the playing field, and also ensures that the teams show up at the field with the same equipment."
Grace Giesel
University Of Louisville School Of Law
"Consumer litigation finance does not encourage frivolous litigation."
Anthony J Sebok
Benjamin N. Cardozo School Of Law
"By enlisting the help of a third party that holds a diverse portfolio of litigation risk and is better able to bear such risk, the weaker party could bolster his negotiating position and secure a settlement that reflects the merits of the lawsuit rather than the bargaining positions of the parties."
Jonathan Molot
Georgetown University Law Center
"Litigation financing might supply a party with the funds it needs to hire its preferred counsel, such as one that does not operate on contingency fees…"
Bert I. Huang
Columbia University Law School
"Consumer legal funding serves a welfare-enhancing function in society…"
Ronen Avraham Wickergren
University Of Texas Law School
"…Allowing third parties to fund nonclass aggregation lawsuits helps to manage principal-agent problems by freeing attorneys from financial self-interest and encouraging them to act as faithful agents."
Elizabeth Chamblee Burch
University Of Georgia School Of Law
There are no compelling normative or economic reasons to prohibit the complete alienability of mass tort personal injury claims in the United States.
Lynn Baker
University Of Texas Law School
"Third-party litigation funding is no longer a new phenomenon, but rather is a mainstay in global commerce and dispute resolution."
Victoria Shannon
Washington And Lee School Of Law
"[A] benefit of litigation investment, shared by both consumers with lawsuits and society overall, are better outcomes in settlement and litigation. Settlement and litigation should not be distorted by factors unrelated to the facts of case, such as personal wealth. Litigation investment allows each part to pursue their litigation with greater equality than had there been no funding. Litigation investment helps the tort system in particular by providing consumer personal injury plaintiffs with a tool to resist delaying tactics employed by insurers and lawyers who organize the defense of personal injury defendants."
Anthony J Sebok
Benjamin N. Cardozo School Of Law