Higher Standards
& Lower Rates

Mighty Law lawyers charge lower rates than the industry standard and embrace a culture that underpromises and overdelivers.

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Lawyers That Have your Back

Mighty Law lawyers are empathetic and ethical, so you can be confident they’ll be on your side when you need it most.

Great People (& Lawyers)

Mighty Law lawyers commit to no quid pro quos, no conflicts of interest, and a fully transparent way of doing things.

Commit to Code of Conduct

Mighty Law lawyers choose to follow a Code of Conduct that outlines 13 best practices to challenge billboard lawyers' bad behavior and align Mighty Law lawyers' incentives with their clients.

Code of Conduct
10% Lower Legal Fees

Mighty Law lawyers charge 10% lower legal fees than the industry standard. And yep, you’ll only pay if you win.

No Strings Attached for 60 Days

You can work with Mighty Law lawyers for 60 days and leave without owing us a cent if we haven’t filed your lawsuit or demand letter. The typical billboard lawyer can claim a slice of your settlement even if you leave in those 60 days.

A Settlement to Help Make You Whole

Your Mighty Law lawyer will help ensure the other party in your accident takes responsibility, and can help pursue the compensation you qualify for.

Lost Wages & Extra Expenses

Get paid for time missed at work and the out-of-pocket expenses you incurred due to your accident.

Medical Costs

Be compensated for medical treatment resulting from your accident, including future medical treatment if you need it.

Pain & Suffering

Receive payment for the pain and suffering you went through as a result of your accident.

Nothing But the Truth

Transparency isn’t typical in the personal injury industry, but it’s in the DNA of Mighty. That’s why Mighty Law is upfront about its standards, including:

No Conflicts of Interest

Mighty Law lawyers focus only on your legal claim with no incentive to inflate their fee by inflating the costs of what you need to heal. By aligning their goals with yours, you can trust they’re on your side.

No Quotas or Quid Pro Quos

Mighty Law lawyers have a policy to not accept gifts from medical and other providers. They also forbid salesperson-like settlement quotas, so their goals are aligned with yours.


What happens if I sign up with Mighty but I lose my case?

While we will work hard to make sure you receive just compensation for your case, not every case resolves in the client’s favor. If you don’t recover, you don’t owe Mighty anything.

Mighty Law, like most personal injury firms, works on a contingency basis. That means you only pay us a fee if you win - meaning you get a monetary settlement. If that doesn’t happen, we absorb the cost of the time and other expenses we incurred in your case. You won’t get a bill at the end or be responsible for any of it.

Mighty will even will even assist you in obtaining the resources to move forward with things like getting your car repaired and understanding your options for treatment so you can move forward with your life.

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How does Mighty differ from traditional law firms?

In (almost) every way. From lower pricing to doing more than just legal services to being transparent the whole way through. We have a whole page dedicated to showing you the difference which you can find here.

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How do Mighty Law's fees differ from standard personal injury law firms?

Simply stated, Mighty Law’s fees are lower than what a traditional personal injury firm charges which is 33-40% of your gross settlement as a fee. Mighty Law starts with a fee that is 10% lower.

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