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We’ll guide you through every detail of your case.

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Here’s What You Can Expect


Speak with a Mighty specialist so we can understand the basic facts of your case. If your Mighty Law attorney can help you, we sign you up as a client and connect you with your Mighty case manager.



Mighty collects all the necessary documentation to prepare your case. We work to track down everything you don’t already have: police reports, medical bills, and insurance paperwork.


You focus on recovery by following your treatment plan. Mighty helps by finding medical providers and being there for you throughout the process. Treatment typically continues for 3-5 months after the accident. But each circumstance is different, and for some people treatment can take years.


Negotiation  & Settlement Offer

Once treatment concludes, Mighty collects all the medical bills and records, finalizes your paperwork, and works alongside your Mighty Law lawyer to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.


For most cases, we can agree on the settlement amount with the insurance company. But, if the insurance company doesn’t offer a settlement that you agree to, Mighty Law may file a lawsuit and your attorney and case manager will work through that process with you. Of all cases that settle, with or without a lawsuit, the average case results in a payout 1.5 years after the accident, though some can take over 5 years.