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Mighty can help clients find the critical cash they need to cover rent, food, and bills before their case is over.

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3 Ways to Cover Your Costs

We help you bridge the financial gap between today and the day you receive your settlement.

types of financial support
Facilitate Friends & Family Borrowing

We make it easy to get interest-free loans from friends and family. We’ll even give them a certificate so they can get reimbursed when your case settles.

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Apply for Grants & Charitable Gifts

We’ll do our research to see if you’re eligible for a grant or cash payment from a charity, and we’ll help you fill out your application, too.

Get Cash Advances

We’ll help you apply and compare rates for cash advances from financing companies, discuss the tradeoffs in detail, and work with your Mighty Law lawyer to negotiate the financing agreement.

Accidents Are Expensive

Only about half of Americans have $1,000 accessible in an emergency like an accident. That’s why we help you get find the money you need upfront.

tradeoffs WE HELP eliminate
Speed vs. Size

No one should feel pressure to settle their case for pennies on the dollar because they need money today.

Rent vs. Groceries

When you can’t work after an accident, you still need to pay rent, bills, and buy food for your family.

Your Health vs. Your Wallet

It’s hard enough to heal after an accident, you shouldn’t be hurting for money, too.

Nothing But the Truth

Transparency isn’t typical in the personal injury industry, but it’s in our DNA. It’s one pillar of Mighty’s no-bull way of doing business, alongside:

10% Lower Legal Fees

Mighty Law lawyers charge 10% lower legal fees than the industry standard. This is true whether or not your case goes to trial. Plus, for high value settlements, Mighty Law lawyers will lower their fee even more.

No Conflicts of Interest

Mighty Law lawyers focus only on your legal claim with no incentive to inflate their fee by inflating the costs of what you need to heal. By aligning their goals with yours, you can trust they're on your side.


What are friends and family loans and what can Mighty do to help?

Some people may be fortunate after their accident to have friends and family who are willing to help financially. Certainly, you can coordinate with those friends and family privately if they’re willing to help. But, we also know that some friends and family may feel more inclined to give you a loan if it’s likely they’ll get paid back. We can do a few things to help:

  1. With your permission, we can talk to your friends and family so they feel more comfortable that you have a good case and you’ll actually get a settlement. 
  2. We can facilitate (at no charge) an interest-free loan between you and your friend or family member. Some friends and family may feel more confortable giving you a loan if it’s more formalized. And Mighty can guarantee to pay back your friend or family member from the settlement. To learn more about friends and family loans click here.
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How much plaintiff financing can I request?

Financing companies typically don’t finance more than 10% of your settlement’s estimated value. This means that if your case is worth $10,000, they will offer you no more than $1,000. This ensures that you retain the maximum amount of your settlement.

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At Mighty, we understand how powerful it is for people to have their community behind them, especially at such an important time as after an accident. Friends and family are most special in hard times, and for many people, there is no harder time than after an accident.

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