Amicus Funding Gets Off Spreadsheets to Become More Efficient at Processing Cases and Driving Attorney Referrals

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Previous Core System



  • Inefficient team communication
  • Missing, redundant, and unreliable information
  • Too much time spent on routine tasks like payoff and contract generation


  • Smooth transition of business to Mighty
  • Improved operational efficiency throughout entire funding lifecycle
  • Enabled company-wide shift in focus to attorney relationships

The Company

The Challenge

Managing A Growing Business Without A Modern System

Founded in 2014 by Duane Wilson, Georgia-based Amicus Funding has had a busy two years growing their business from the ground up. As Amicus scaled in both number of fundings and size of their team, relying on disparate spreadsheets became increasingly difficult.

"It was very difficult to stay on the same page with the team. It wasn't efficient."

Melissa Smith
Head of Operations at Amicus

Melissa Smith, Amicus’ Head of Operations, identified three primary challenges caused by their complete reliance on Microsoft Excel:

  1. Inefficient team communication 
  2. Missing, redundant, and unreliable information 
  3. Too much time spent on routine tasks like payoff and contract generation

Melissa also felt these challenges impacted every aspect of their business, including their ability to focus on their firm’s #1 priority: driving new business from attorneys. In order to spend more time growing their business, Amicus needed to decrease timesuck on recordkeeping, reporting, and recurring communication issues by getting their entire team on a unified platform

The Decision

Weighing Off-the-Shelf vs. Mighty

Duane led the search for a solution. He quickly found that available CRM options were generic, too geared towards sales and marketing organizations, and didn’t meet the niche needs of a legal funding company.

When assessing options for Amicus, Duane sought a partner. When asked what he was looking for, Duane said he wanted to choose a technology provider “that focused just as much on their customers as we do, and Mighty definitely demonstrated that.” When asked why Mighty, Duane said simply, “After the initial call and demo presentation, our team felt Mighty was best suited to meet our needs.”

The Solution

The Implementation

“Extremely Smooth”

Like most funders, Amicus had an extensive book of business that needed to be migrated to their Mighty instance with 100% accuracy, as well as an entire team that needed to reach fluency with new tools ASAP.

Mighty knows how crucial it is to provide efficient implementation, and Amicus experienced the process first-hand. In less than a week, Amicus moved their entire business to Mighty

In order to guarantee a smooth transition, Mighty:

  1. Laid out a thorough and secure data migration plan
  2. Provided staff training and on-demand support 
  3. Integrated Amicus’ contract and payoff templates into their Mighty account for one-click generation
  4. Recorded tailor-made video tutorials 

Melissa described the implementation succinctly: “Extremely smooth. Training was great, and Mighty is simple. Anyone should be able to use it.”

The Results

A More Efficient Business That Can Focus On Its Growth Objectives

Amicus’ pressing needs were to improve coordination and communication, and to capture more reliable, organized data. With Mighty, Amicus spends less time on operational work and more time growing the business.

"With Mighty, now we’re able to network a bit more within personal networks, talk to attorneys, set up lunches, go to networking events."

Melissa Smith
Head of Operations at Amicus

Melissa said, “Mighty has simplified our daily work load. By consolidating all of our processes, we have freed up more time for other business priorities. Mighty makes us more efficient.”

This increased efficiency has also led to an increase in top-line growth in Amicus’ most important channels. According to Melissa, "With Mighty, now we’re able to network a bit more within personal networks, talk to attorneys, set up lunches, and go to networking events.”

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