[Product Update] Workflow Rundown

February 1, 2017
3min read

Here's an update on some features that were recently released to legal funders working on Mighty.

"Funded" Workflow

When you fund a case, you are prompted to take certain steps to help keep you organized and proactive.

  • Assign a capital provider (image)
  • Set a case-tracking follow-up dates to set reminders
  • Upload the signed contract to each specific round of funding for a client


Logging Returns

  • You can specify how much you want to allocate to each lien when logging a return on a case with multiple rounds of funding
  • You have the option to close out some liens while keeping others open on the same case


Processing Workflow

  • Assign multiple users to a case
  • Filter by representative
  • When notes or documents are archived, the activity is logged in the activity feed


  • Full email in activity feed



  • Fuzzy search improved so you can find the right attorney even if you type, "Adrwe" instead of "Andrew"
  • Search by attorney and law firm

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