December Legal Funding Software Updates

December 1, 2016
5min read

At Mighty, we're on a mission to become the technology provider to the legal funding industry. To that end, our team has been burning the midnight oil to deliver new sets of powerful legal funding-specific features and functionality for our customers.

We've released 41 new features over the past few months. Here's a shortlist of the most exciting recent additions.

Funding Workflow 2.0

  • Workflow prompts - get prompted to set the next follow-up, upload the executed agreement, set a case tracking update, and other actions to ensure your team doesn't drop the ball on a single case
  • Rejected applications reporting - log rejected reasons and toggle viewing them
  • Approve now - Go directly to approve. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Better Data

  • Unlimited custom fields - add as many and whatever data fields you want to your custom Mighty instance
  • More standard fields - more fields to keep your team organized and your data clean and thorough
  • Funding-level data - store contracts and funding details at the transaction level

Custom Document generation

After receiving rave reviews about our custom contract generation and custom payoff generation, we decided to double-down. Store as many document templates as you'd like that auto-fill information from any data field.

Examples include:

Document request forms

Change of attorney forms

Lien confirmation letters

Case update requests

Or any other documents you use!

Dynamic Search

  • Auto-fill - when creating new applications or searching existing ones, pull from your plaintiff database as you type
  • Case meta-data - select the right John Smith by seeing the type of case and law firm
  • No more duplicates - smart search means smart data


Secure Reporting

  • Permission security - designate which admin-level users can access your portfolio and performance reports
  • Export - export your active portfolio and past performance to spreadsheets
  • Filters - simple and powerful

In-App Support

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to make our partners successful. It's the reason we publish the industry's leading newsletter for funders and send our poor CEO on speaking tours around the country to espouse the virtues of plaintiff finance to anyone who will listen.

Our Customer Success team now provides direct in-app support, training, and updates so our customers are always just a click away from the help they may need to get the most out of Mighty.



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