May Features: Medical funding, contacts, and doc management

June 5, 2017
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The big news this month: Mighty is expanding the platform to enable funders who invest in medical procedures and/or purchase medical A/R to operate on our platform. 

Additionally, new features keep pouring in that help all funders and their teams keep their law firm, attorney, and paralegal contacts in order, manage documents more effectively, and access and analyze reports on applications.

Read on for the latest and greatest in legal funding software.

Medical Funding on Mighty

We're currently building a robust set of features to power funders who purchase medical receivables and fund individual procedures.

We have spots open for a couple more experienced medical funders to join our current group of design partners collaborating with advice and feedback as we complete the new product.

To learn more and see if you qualify to get fee reductions and product influence as a design partner, shoot Dylan a note:    

Contact Management 1.0



  • Contact management - store, organize and save contact information for paralegals, case managers, attorneys, and law firms with the brand spanking new "Contacts" page
  • Auto-suggest contacts - attorneys are now associated with law firms and selectable with saved info
  • More contact information - save cell number, fax number, website, and preferred method of communication


Faster Document Management Tools


  • Bulk document uploading - save time by uploading multiple documents to a single case file at a time
  • Drag-and-drop document uploading - upload docs even faster with drag-and-drop


Application-level Reporting


  • Application reports - slice and dice data on every part of your funding process, including open and closed applications
  • Flexible application workflows - create custom workflows in the reports tool for your open and closed applications, save them, and export them to excel
  • Marketing channel / lead source reports - conduct end-to-end funnel analysis of your lead sources


Other Goodies

  • Roles and permissions added - delete documents, delete returns
  • New case tracking status - tag and sort by cases in "Collections"
  • Payoff audit trail - automatically log when users generate payoffs and re-download whenever at the time it was generated
  • State and Incident Filters - on all reports
  • Alerts - when there's an error generating a contract or custom document


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