Mighty’s Use of PI Portal Data, Explained

June 30, 2022

The Mighty Team

Mighty’s recent expansion to support Mighty Law represents a common evolution in the tech world; a company that has become adept at building technology expands into the area it serves, or, vice versa, a company that has built in-house technology offers that for third parties. Even in personal injury, one of the most popular case management systems, Litify, started off as an in-house project of Morgan & Morgan.

When software companies compete with their customers, certain formalities must be followed to make sure that customer data is not used improperly. Mighty is no different. For many years, thousands of law firm customers have entrusted Mighty with sensitive data regarding their clients. We take that trust very seriously, and want to assure customers, consistent with our Terms of Service, that Mighty Law, and Mighty team members working to support Mighty Law, will not have access to or use your confidential client information. Here are some guidelines related to the use of Mighty customer’s data:

  1. Mighty’s use of data obtained from our software for purposes of the client service is extremely limited. We will never solicit clients based on information in the PI portal. Soliciting clients already represented by counsel is also unethical, absent a client’s express outreach to a law firm and stated desire to change representation. If anyone claims to be from Mighty or Mighty Law and is engaging in these practices please gather any information you can and inform us immediately at legal@mighty.com so that we can take appropriate steps.
  2. More fundamentally, Mighty employees may not share any information about law firm’s clients, pricing, medical providers, or other proprietary information obtained via Mighty’s software platform with any third-party, including Mighty Law employees. Information on Mighty’s software platform is only accessible to Mighty employees who need access to that information.
  3. Mighty may use certain aggregated and de-identified data to better to inform the services and products we build (as explained in our Terms of Service). To date, we have used this data to inform features we build and also to help us understand the state of the industry and inform our understanding about how incentives influence behavior in personal injury.

At Mighty, we value our customer’s trust, and we know that safeguarding data is an important part of that trust. We have confidence that the service we are offering to those injured in car crashes has value, and we have not and will not engage in unfair practices, such as using customer’s confidential information, to further that service.

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