[Product Update] Features Released in April 2017

April 26, 2017
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This month's software update is all about working smarter and getting even more customization where you need it.

Plus, moooore payoff letters!    

Reports: Customize Completely and Save Your Favorites

  • Customize columns - configure your reports with the columns you want
  • Save reports - name and save your custom reports to get reports about your open portfolio, closed portfolio, deal flow, marketing, attorneys, investors, and more anytime with one click
  • Case-level and lien-level filters - filter by both case-level and lien/funding-level and get updated totals and custom reports that fit your business


New User-Friendly Applications Workflow

  • New design - improved user interface and experience to make processing new applications faster and easier
  • Filter by multiple statuses -  filter your applications by one or more status for increased flexibility to determine your workflow.
  • More sorting options - sort by follow-up date, creation date, and requested amount
  • New "Rejected" page - rejected applications are stored and organized on their own page to help you with re-engagement marketing, funnel analysis, and coaching your team

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Email Notifications On...

  • New applications - pick which users get email notifications when new application are started via the web form > Mighty integration
  • User assignments - receive email notifications when you're assigned to a case by someone on your team
  • Status changes - receive email notifications when status of your assigned cases are changed, like from "Processing" to "Approved"


Other Goodies

  • User change auto-logs in activity feed - automatic audit trail of when users are assigned to cases and when
  • User permissions 2.0 - set 8 new user-specific permissions including who can generate contracts, approve applications, and log returns
  • Multiple custom payoff letters - upload multiple custom payoff letter templates and download the one when you want, when you want it
  • Lien statements on attorney/law firm search page - one-click generate case status update letters directly from your attorney and law firm search pages

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