[Product Update] New July features - attorney scorecards & SMS integration

August 4, 2017
5min read

July's new features are all about helping funders work faster and smarter with both plaintiffs and attorneys.

If you like auto emailing and auto faxing, you'll love auto text messaging! Now you can send and receive texts from plaintiffs directly from the Mighty system. Protect your own cell phone privacy while more efficiently converting new applications, facilitating approvals and contracts, supporting customers throughout the funding lifecycle, and automatically logging your team's communications all in one place.

On the attorney side, Mighty now automatically generates scorecards for law firms and attorneys to give you important analytics and visual charts on past performance to help guide your underwriting, sales and marketing, and pricing.  

SMS/Text Message Integration


  • Auto send/receive texts from plaintiffs - get a Mighty phone number specific to your company, one-click send texts, and receive texts back directly in the plaintiff's case file

  • Receive images - plaintiffs can text images right into their case file, making collecting a photo of their ID or driver's license a breeze

  • Activity feed and email integration - text messages are time and date stamped in the case's activity feed and reps stay looped in with email notifications when plaintiffs text your Mighty #

  • Emoji support - try adding some personality to your texts - "You're approved!"


Red Flags for Attorneys and Law Firms


  • Red flag alerts - After flagging an attorney or law firm, your team will get bright red alerts directly in their workflow whenever the flagged entity comes up


Law Firm and Attorney Scorecards


  • Analyze performance metrics- automatically get a piechart detailing attorney and law firm performance on closed cases, including gross profit and ROI


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Customer Feedback on July Features -

We are excited about this new addition and feel it will benefit our company and the program greatly!

New Text Feature is AWESOME!! Nice work

We all have cells on our desks for this purpose but will be able to eliminate them now!

loving all the new updates

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