100+ Great Questions for Common Case Types

February 22, 2018
2min read

In a previous post, we armed you with a free cheatsheet with the 6 Must-Cover Topics for Attorney Calls. This week, we’re going even deeper to equip you and your team with all of the questions you should be asking for the top case-types in legal funding.

Here’s the hard truth: your leads are only as valuable as your ability to quickly understand them. Proper intake results in more business — sometimes it really is that simple.

Turn your operations team into "Mini Underwriters"

For this reason, your intake or case operations team should be set up to act as “mini underwriters” to make the best use of their early calls with both plaintiffs and attorneys/paralegals.

The free downloadable resource below article will arm your case ops team with key questions they should be asking plaintiffs and attorneys (and/or paralegals) during the intake and processing stages of a funding application.

Database of 100+ Questions for 10+ Most Common Case Types

This list was designed with the help of legal funding underwriters, and stress-tested across hundreds (if not thousands) of  applications.

It conveniently lists the right questions to ask regarding fourteen (14) case types and will help ensure your team can easily understand and analyze any case in question. The goal of this list is to equip case ops with (quasi)underwriter skills.

Believe us, your underwriters are going to be thrilled when your intake teams are able to deliver this crucial right off-the-bat! It’s another simple but invaluable tool for case lead organization and productivity.

[CLICK HERE] to download the questions list

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