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From car repairs to crisis assistance, Mighty can help connect you with almost anything you need after an accident.

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We’ve Got Your Back

Your Mighty case manager will set you up with the all-around support you need to heal.

Car Repairs & Claims

If your car was in the accident too, we’ll help handle your claim for repairs, find a trusted mechanic, and get you a rental while you wait.

Car Insurance Education

Accidents can expose cracks in your existing coverage. We’ll work with your Mighty Law lawyer to help you understand your current policy and share tips for maximizing your benefits.

Crisis Assistance

If you find yourself in a housing, food, or other emergency, we’ll connect you with organizations and resources in your community who can help.

Health Insurance Education

Whether you know a little or a lot about your healthcare coverage, we can help you decide whether borrowing money matches your needs.

Rent or Share a Ride

Whether you need a rental while your car is in the shop, or just a ride to medical appointments, we’ll help you coordinate.

Avoid Information Overload

We’ll always explain what’s happening without jargon, so you and your loved ones can understand your options.

Plan for Ongoing Care

We can help you plan for ongoing and future care. So if an injury lingers or something new pops up after settlement, we’ll still be by your side.

A Friend to Call

Whether you have a question about your case or just want to say hello, we’re always just a phone call away.


What is diminished value?

Diminished value (DV) is the cost of your car’s loss of reputation (yes, your car has a reputation) following an accident. Even if your car is repaired by a quality and qualified professional using all the necessary procedures to restore it back to its pre-accident condition, potential buyers won’t be willing to pay the same price. That difference in the pre-accident value of your car to the post-repair value of the car is how diminished value is calculated.

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What happens once my case is settled?

Once you have accepted an offer from the insurance company, your attorney will work with the insurance company and prepare final settlement documents for you to review and sign. Once final settlement documents are signed, your attorney will request the insurance company to send the settlement check. While you wait for the settlement check from your attorney, any outstanding bills and liens will be resolved. Once your attorney has received the settlement check from the insurance company, they will distribute your proceeds directly to you via check or ACH/wire transfer.

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Does Mighty handle my property damage claim?

Mighty knows that recovering from your injuries is much harder if you are worried about your car and how you are going to get around so we will help you resolve every aspect of getting your car repaired.

Your Mighty case manager includes a property damage expert who, along with your attorney, can assist with each phase of your property damage claim. This includes:

  1. Analyzing available coverage - whether to use your insurance or the other parties’ for car repairs
  2. Understanding repair options and dealing with a deductible
  3. If your car cannot be repaired, helping you to get a fair settlement to buy a new car
  4. Rental car or other transportation
  5. Diminished value claim
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Why Most Personal Injury Firms Won’t Help File Car Accident Property Damage Claims

Traditional PI lawyers are not incentivized to help you repair your car. This is because the settlement you get at the end of your case, which your attorney gets his fee on, does not include damages to your car.

How do I Know if I Should Pursue a Personal Injury Case?

In order to pursue a personal injury settlement there must be another party responsible for the accident who is able to personally, or more commonly through insurance, provide compensation. You must also have suffered damages in the form of a physical injury or emotional trauma.

What Should I Do After a Car Crash?

Accidents are, well, accidents. They can happen to anyone and at any time. But, what you do after an accident is in your control and can make your post-accident journey easier and better for you and your family.